This article lists and details episodes from seventeenth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 2013. This series was narrated by Mark Moraghan for the UK and US audiences. The CGI animation for this series was provided by Arc Productions. This series follows a new writing format, with Andrew Brenner as the head writer. In April 2013, five episodes from series 17 were featured on the Wal-Mart exclusive DVD, Railway Mischief. Jonathan Broadbent, Jonathan Forbes, Bob Golding, Mike Grady, David Menkin, Rebecca O'Mara, and Miranda Raison joins the voice cast. This was also the first series to have Michael Legge as part of the voice cast. This series was the first series to have Flynn voiced by Ben Small, Bertie voiced by Keith Wickham, Dart voiced by Steve Kynman and Diesel voiced by Martin Sherman. This was also the first series to feature David Bedella as Victor in the UK narration.

# Total UK/US title Writer(s) Original air date TV order
1 402 "Kevin's Cranky Friend" Lee Pressman 3 June 2013 TBA
Sir Topham Hatt sends Kevin to the docks to help Cranky, but Cranky does not want any help. 
2 403 "Scruff's Makeover" Lee Pressman 4 June 2013 TBA
After being sent to be cleaned and repainted, Scruff does not want to work at the waste dump because he does not want to get dirty again. 
3 404 "Wayward Winston" Lee Pressman 5 June 2013 TBA
After Sir Topham Hatt forgets to put Winston's brake on, Winston begins to roll away without a driver. He enjoys it at first, but he soon realizes why he needs to have a driver. 
4 405 "Gordon Runs Dry" Andrew Brenner 6 June 2013 TBA
Gordon has a leak in his boiler, making him have to stop for water more frequently. 
5 406 "Calm Down Caitlin" Davey Moore 7 June 2013 TBA
Catlin spends a night on Sodor while the bridge that connects the island with the mainland is being repaired. 
6 407 "Steamie Stafford" Laura Beaumont and Paul Larson 10 June 2013 TBA
Upset that he doesn't make much noise being an electric engine, Stafford starts imitating a steam engine. 
7 408 "Henry's Hero" Paul Larson and Laura Beaumont 11 June 2013 TBA
Henry and Hiro take on some of the bad coal and start puffing black smoke. Will Hiro be able to deliver their loads when Henry goes back to the shed? 
8 409 "Luke's New Friend" Davey Moore 12 June 2013 TBA
Up at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Luke finds a scared young deer, so he tries to get the other engines to work quietly. But that is not an easy thing to do. 
9 410 "The Switch" Davey Moore 13 June 2013 TBA
When Luke is sent to Ulfstead Castle to deliver stone, he meets Millie, the Earl's private narrow gauge engine. They decide to switch jobs for the day. 
10 411 "Not Now Charlie" Davey Moore 14 June 2013 TBA
Charlie is a small purple engine who likes to tell jokes. One day Charlie discovers an elephant on the line and tries to alert the other engines. 
11 412 "The Lost Puff" Davey Moore 30 September 2013[1] TBA
When Paxton overhears Toby saying that Thomas has lost his puff, Paxton the diesel engine misunderstands and heads off across the Island of Sodor to look for it! 
12 413 "The Thomas Way" Laura Beaumont and Paul Larson 1 October 2013 TBA
Thomas and Duck must learn how to work together when they help Harold after he breaks down near Callan Castle. 
13 414 "The Phantom Express" Laura Beaumont and Paul Larson 2 October 2013 TBA
James tries to scare Percy and Stephen at Ulfstead Castle but soon scares himself when he believes in his own story. 
14 415 "Percy's Lucky Day" Davey Moore 3 October 2013 TBA
A couple of mishaps involving a torn sack of mail and some cargo on the line make Percy feel that he is unlucky. So Stephen lends Percy a lucky charm to get him back on the right track and it seems to work. 
15 416 "Bill or Ben?" Andrew Brenner 4 October 2013 TBA
New engine Connor arrives on Sodor, but when Bill and Ben see him for the first time they decide to play a trick on him by challenging him to a race. 
16 417 "Too Many Fire Engines" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
When a team of railway inspectors come to the Island of Sodor, they question whether Sir Topham Hatt needs two fire engines. This causes concern for Sodor’s fire fighting team, Flynn and Belle. 
17 418 "No More Mr. Nice Engine" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
Hiro is one of the strongest engines on Sodor, and he is also very polite and gentle. Diesel tells Hiro that the only way to get the trucks to do what you want is to give them a biff and a bash, but Hiro is not convinced. 
18 419 "Thomas' Shortcut" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
Thomas and Bertie love racing, but Thomas gets annoyed when Bertie starts winning all the time. When Thomas discovers Bertie's been re-routed and takes a shortcut now, he decides to try to take a shortcut too. 
19 420 "The Smelly Kipper" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
One evening at Tidmouth Sheds, James is teasing Percy about being scared of the dark so Henry challenges him to take "The Flying Kipper" that night for him. 
20 421 "Away from the Sea" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
When Salty the dockside diesel develops engine trouble he worries he will be sent away from the docks. When a new steam engine Porter arrives to help out, Salty becomes convinced that Porter has been sent to replace him. 
21 422 "The Afternoon Tea Express" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
Stephen is given the job of collecting ingredients for the afternoon tea at Ulfstead Castle. 
22 423 "Gone Fishing" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
Bill and Ben see Harvey the crane engine at Brendam Docks. They tease him about having a hook and ask 'is he going fishing?' Porter helps Harvey see the positive side of being both a crane and an engine. 
23 424 "No Snow for Thomas" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
It is a snowy day, but Thomas doesn’t want to wear his snow plow. So he decides to hide it on a siding and pretends he doesn’t know where it is. 
24 425 "Frozen Turntable" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
One cold evening the steam engines return to Tidmouth Sheds and discover the turntable is frozen stuck, so the engines cannot reach their individual berths. 
25 426 "The Missing Christmas Decorations" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
No one knows who keeps taking the Steamies’ Christmas decorations from Tidmouth Sheds. 
26 427 "Santa's Little Engine" TBA TBA 2013 TBA
Thomas is sent to bring a real sleigh for Sir Topham Hatt to use when he plays Santa at the Ulfstead Castle Christmas Fair. When the sleigh accidentally slips down the hill, Thomas must rescue the sleigh with Sir Topham Hatt in it!