King of the Railway is a special that was released in September 2013.

Thomas is over the moon when the Earl of Sodor chooses him and friends Percy and James to rebuild Ulfstead Castle. During their latest adventure, the Steam Team meets Millie, a bubbly French engine, and Stephen, an older steam locomotive with fascinating stories to tell. Meanwhile, Spencer and Gordon are stunned when they encounter two new engines, Connor and Caitlin, who are even faster than they are! But disaster strikes when Stephen goes missing.

        • Guess Who? puzzles
        • Working Together Again sing-a-long
        • Searching Everywhere sing-a-long
        • It's Gonna be a Great Day sing-a-long
        • In Poland the special is know as "Secret of the Lost Crown" and in Sweden it is titled "Railway King".
        • This special will be shown in select Australian theatres in late July and UK theatres in late August.
        • This special aired on the Polish TV channel MiniMini on June 29th, 2013.David Menkin is not credited for voicing Jack in the US version.When Spencer returns to Sodor, his wheels are black and his nameplate is blank.During the scene of Gordon and Spencer starting a race at Knapford, James can be seen departing the station with a train of trucks at the start of the scene. A few shots later, when Spencer passes Gordon, James' tender can be right on the edge of the shot.It is not clear where Toby and Henrietta come from when they pull into Knapford station as the track they are on ends dead.During some of the crowd scenes, some of the people are duplicated.When Gordon screeches to a stop behind Stephen, his bogie wheels spark, but bogies are not fitted with brakes.It is stated that nobody knew where Stephen was, but Skarloey knew that Stephen had gone to investigate Ulfstead Mine.A brakevan should have been added to Thomas and Percy's train.Thomas mysteriously turns round when he returns to Ulfstead Castle to fetch Jack, and again when he returns.It is impossible for Gordon, Edward and Toby to puff into the Steamworks at the same time, due to there being only one transfer table.The points are frequently not set for the lines the engines take.When Caitlin goes across Vicarstown Bridge, she is not coupled to her coaches.