• He must be very full of himself!
  • -Ben referring to Connor, Bill or Ben?, seventeenth season
Connor is a character that was introduced in the 2013 special, King of the Railway.


Connor is a streamlined engine from the Mainland, designed for speed. He is excitable and energetic and, like Caitlin, loves to race the other engines. Connor, however, is better able to be patient unlike Caitlin. Although it is probably unintentional, he can come across as being somewhat smug. Both Caitlin and Connor run regularly between the Mainland and Ulfstead Castle via the Vicarstown Bridge. He has his own coaches.

He was once tricked by Bill and Ben when they challenged him to a race.


Connor is based on the New York Central Railroad's Hudsons.


Connor is painted teal with light blue and yellow lining.


Television series


Voice Actors

  • Jonathan Forbes (UK/US)
  • Dariusz Błażejewski (Poland)
  • Scott Maurstad (Norway)